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Harbortouch Hospitality Training Videos

Manager Training
Starting the Brain and Workstation

Setting Up Employee Job Categories

Adding an Employee

Editing Employee Time Sheets

Viewing Who is Currently Clocked In

Changing an Employee’s PIN

Adding a Menu Item

Adding a Choice

Adding a Choice Set

Add Screen Category

Creating a Void Reason

Creating a Discount

Adding Sections and Tables

Cash Drawer Controls

Viewing Closed Tickets

Reopening a Closed Ticket

The Freshsheet

Message of the Day

Closing Procedure

Manager Reports

Employee Training
POS Login/Clock In

Creating a Ticket

Splitting a Ticket

Closing a Ticket/Adjusting the Tip

Using List View to Combine and Transfer Tickets

Voiding a Ticket

Gift Card Transactions

Customer Database

Caller ID

Clocking Out and Running a Shift Report
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